Born and raised in Louisiana Breon Robinson knew her life’s purpose after being shown how marketing and brand strategy when done effectively could impact a musician’s career. From that moment forward the 29-years-old industry executive has contributed her marketing savvy and brand expertise as a  brand strategist to support emerging artists and major record labels. Breon Robinson loves reshaping narratives. As a brand strategist  Robinson has a front row seat to some of the most successful artists and executives in hip-hop today -- and there’s nothing more frustrating to her than feeling like her clients aren’t able to share their stories. Her company BluePrintIncc has worked on numerous campaigns for members of the hip-hop community including Baby Tate, Guapdad 4000,  producers Jetsonmade and TB Hits labels Dreamville and Since the 80s and music executive Brooklyn Johnny , Birdman Zoe and more. Previously working for Alamo Records and Republic Records Robinson founded the PR firm early 2019 after moving to Atlanta. Moving forward, Robinson will continue to work with artists and conceptualize more brand partnerships, but working with music companies executives will continue to be a big part of Blueprintincc's brand. Robinson holds a strong stance in her belief that executives are the new artists of the industry. She actively makes an exceptional effort to give executives the recognition that she believes they deserve for building artists’ careers from the beginning stages to superstardom.


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